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August 19, 2015
VisitBritain appoints Related as PR representative in Norway
Related has been selected as PR and Trade representative for VisitBritain in Norway. The aim with the collaboration is to increase the Norwegians’ knowledge of Britain beyond London and inspire more Norwegians to explore the whole of Britain.

Related has been selected to represent VisitBritain in Norway to maximize the organisation’s PR efforts and develop the British product offering in Norway. In close collaboration with the Norwegian media and travel trade, Related will spread the word about Britain’s many gems to ensure a consistent growth of Norwegian visitors to all British regions. A job that VisitBritain believes Related is highly qualified for:

- Related presented a very strong proposal and we are confident that they will be able to help us grow tourism from Norway. Their team have the right skills and expertise that we are looking for, both within PR and trade, says Gary Robson, Manager for VisitBritain in the Nordics and Russia.
UK is more than just London 
The Norwegian market has experienced a solid growth the previous years, which is also evident from the continuously increasing number of Norwegian tourists in Britain. Even though Norwegians are loyal travelers to Britain, they tend to be very London-centric. Thus, VisitBritain in collaboration with Related will aim to open the Norwegians’ eyes to the many unique experiences Britain has to offer – all around the country.   
- We are delighted to be working for VisitBritain in Norway. Britain has a very strong image among the Norwegians and we are excited to start spreading the word about all the endless opportunities that awaits you when travelling to Britain.  Whether you are into culture, music, shopping, nature or sport, Britain will always have something new in store for you, says Helene Hofverberg, Senior Executive at Related and Account Manager for VisitBritain in Norway.

About VisitBritain

VisitBritain is the national tourism agency responsible for promoting Britain worldwide while also developing its visitor economy.

The mission is to grow the value of inbound tourism to Britain, working with a wide range of partners in both the UK and overseas.


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