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November 24, 2015
Kick-off event with Flemish flavours for VISITFLANDERS in Norway
Related recently organised a lunch event in Oslo where more than 30 exclusively invited guests from the travel industry, including journalists and tour operators, got the opportunity to taste the best of Flanders.

In mid-November, more than 30 exclusively invited guests from the Norwegian travel industry got a taste of the culinary Flanders, when VISITFLANDERS in corporation with Related organised an inspiring lunch event in Oslo.  

The theme of the event was “the Flemish kitchen” and the purpose was to shine a light on the many exquisite culinary experiences that Flanders has to offer. Therefore, the tourism board invited the Flemish “kitchen rebel” and star chef, Sam Van Houcke, who is head chef at the restaurant Onder de Toren in the Belgian city Hansbeke. 
Van Houcke made sure that all guests were served a tasting menu with different courses from his restaurant menu – all inspired by the Flemish kitchen traditions. The taste sensations were completed with carefully selected Belgian beers for every dish and traditional, tasteful Belgian chocolate for dessert.  
Perfect match for Norwegian travelers
VISITFLANDERS is the tourist organization for Flanders, the Northern part of Belgium including Brussels – and the Flemish kitchen event kicked off the tourism board’s increased focus on the Norwegian market. 
- Flanders is a great city-break destination with beautiful historical towns such as Antwerp, Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen and the region is a perfect match for Norwegian travelers. The gastronomy of the region, the vast selection of beers and the delicious chocolate meet most of what the Norwegian’s demand on their vacation. And even though Flanders is world-famous for its culture and known as a world class bicycle region, it is still a hidden gem to many - just waiting to be discovered, says Helene Hofverberg, who is the Account Manager of VISITFLANDERS at Related.


Flanders is the term for the northern Belgium and the cities in Flanders are famous for beautiful old buildings, local beer, delicate chocolate, Gothic cathedrals and world-famous art by local painters such as Rubens and Brueghel. 

VISITFLANDERS is a tourist organization that was founded in order to brand Flanders and hereby increase the awareness of the country. Related represents VISITFLANDERS in Scandinavia in collaboration with the headquarter in Brussels.


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