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October 13, 2014
Scandinavian bloggers on inspirational trip to Flanders
The general awareness of Flanders, the pleasant region of northern Belgium, is still limited among the Scandinavian tourists. So to put more focus on Flanders’ outstanding qualities Related sent five enthusiastic bloggers from Denmark, Norway and Sweden off to the city Bruges to investigate what is really happening in the medieval city, which is especially famous for chocolate and beer.

Five Scandinavian bloggers with an interest in food and fashion traveled on October 3, 2014 to Flanders as participants on a three-day blogger trip organized by Related. The culinary trip to the medieval city of Bruges, who is on UNESCO World Heritage List, included a chocolate workshop, guided gastronomic tour through the city and the food festival Kookeet. This event gave the participants the opportunity to snack through 30 different food stalls presented by Flanders best chefs - some even with a Michelin star. 

The start of a good working relationship
VISITFLANDERS and Related started their cooperation for just over a month ago. The trip was therefore the first blogger trip to Flanders organized by Related and the positive feedback from the bloggers indicates a great success. The trip offered the bloggers many exciting experiences and pleasant moments where particularly the chocolate workshop and visits to the many small chocolate shops were among the favorite events.
The well-planned program for the trip included also spare time, so the bloggers by themselves could explore Bruges and enjoy the city's many different facets. The historic buildings, twisted canals, traditional specialty stores with beer and chocolate as well as the many small street cafes with moules frites charmed the bloggers and gave them a little taste of the unique atmosphere, which can be found in Flanders.

Positive posts on social media 
The trip to Flanders has already led to a lot of enthusiastic travel guides, blog posts and posts on Instagram and exactly the positive buzz on social media is very positive for Flanders: 
- The blogger trip has helped to create positive publicity of Flanders and give the Scandinavian tourists a unique insight into what kind of destination Flanders is. The awareness of Flanders among Scandinavian tourist is generally not very high, and it is particularly positive that Flanders surprises the visitors again and again and gives them the desire to tell others about the destination, explains Pia Sørensen from Related, Account Manager for VISITFLANDERS.


Flanders is the term for the northern Belgium and the cities in Flanders are famous for beautiful old buildings, local beer, delicate chocolate, Gothic cathedrals and world-famous art by local painters such as Rubens and Brueghel. 

VISITFLANDERS is a tourist organization that was founded in order to brand Flanders and hereby increase the awareness of the country. Related represents VISITFLANDERS in Scandinavia in collaboration with the headquarter in Brussels.


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