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3. October 2014
VISITFLANDERS has chosen Related as Scandinavian PR agency

Flanders is the term for the northern Belgium and cities in Flanders is especially known for its beautiful medieval time squares, idyllic canals and many cafes. The knowledge of the cozy destination is still limited in Scandinavia, but there are great basis to make Flanders popular among the Scandinavian tourists:
- Statistics show that the satisfaction levels among the Scandinavian tourists in Belgium - including Flanders - is very high. And with this new collaboration, we hope to make the brand awareness just as high. Flanders is easily accessible by plane, the hotel prices are low during the weekends and the distance between the cities is so short that it is easy to visit several cities in a few days. Flanders is also known worldwide for its breweries while the many restaurants are serving everything from gourmet to moules frites. That makes Flanders an attractive weekend destination for Scandinavian tourists, says Henrik Koch, CEO of Related.
Visiting Flanders
In early September, Henrik, Pia and Christina from Related were visiting Flanders, to form a picture of the destination. Here they visited the cities of Bruges, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage List, Ghent, known for its delicacies and Antwerp, which is world famous for art, fashion and diamonds.
The team lived in Brussels and could easily and conveniently from there get around to the different cities. The team from Related was extremely impressed and fascinated by the many well-preserved old houses, the friendly people, good food and the many different kinds of beers. They also tasted Belgian specialties such as shrimps, oysters and Belgian chocolate cake and each course were served with specially selected Belgian beers. 
- After we have seen how incredibly much there really is to experience both cultural, historical and gastronomic, we are looking forward even more to represent VISITFLANDERS on the Scandinavian market, says Henrik Koch.
In addition to traditional PR initiatives, the strategy for the Scandinavian market is to strengthen Flanders presence on social media and blogs through themed press and blogger tours.


Flanders is the term for the northern Belgium and the cities in Flanders are famous for beautiful old buildings, local beer, delicate chocolate, Gothic cathedrals and world-famous art by local painters such as Rubens and Brueghel. 

VISITFLANDERS is a tourist organization that was founded in order to brand Flanders and hereby increase the awareness of the country. Related represents VISITFLANDERS in Scandinavia in collaboration with the headquarter in Brussels.


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