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September 13, 2013
Classic PR and quirky ideas guiding more tourists to Gudenåen
Related has just finished a new PR-strategy and plan for the Danish destination VisitGudenaa. The PR-efforts will help to ensure that more tourists - both Danish and foreign tourists - would like to spend their holidays along the longest river in Denmark.

Many people associate Gudenåen with canoeing, hiking boots and overnight stays under the open sky. And the natural areas along the river are perfect for adventure for active outdoor tourists. But Gudenåen is much more than that. The 176 km long river offers exciting cultural history, a cornucopia of local inns with fine dining and nice small villages luring with everything from shopping to art.
This is one of the messages the new PR-strategy and plan will help to spread.

PR workshop showed the way
A workshop formed the basis of the strategy and PR planning. At the first part of the workshop we received answers to many of our questions, and we challenged the participants in terms of choosing target audiences and key messages. The intention was to create a strategic foundation and a common starting point for the second part of the workshop - a creative workshop with participants from the seven municipalities that make up VisitGudenaa.
 - VisitGudenaa had a great desire that the promotional efforts would include a number of innovative and creative elements and our creative PR workshop was based on the philosophy that everyone can be creative when the framework is right. At the same time we would like to involve our customers in the concept and idea developing phase. It ensures both ownership and credibility when implementing the plan, says Peter Bang Overby, Head of Innovation in Related. He also controlled the creative part of the workshop and gave creative input.

Attention on several levels
After the workshop, Related gathered all insights and creative input to develop a strategy and plan containing a detailed catalog of ideas to be presented to VisitGudenaa.

The strategy includes both traditional PR disciplines such as press releases and press trips but it also contains a number of proposals for events which will surprise and increase awareness of Gudenåen as a holiday destination.

- The right mix of classical PR and creative efforts will hopefully ensure attention on multiple levels and convince the audience that Gudenåen and the surrounding area is an ideal destination for both Danish and foreign tourists - not only for those who want to go canoeing, says Strategic Director and Partner in Related Trine Abild.

About VisitGudenaa

The association VisitGudenaa is formed by the tourist organizations in the seven municipalities located along the Gudenaa river. The aim is to develop and promote tourism in the area and to market the area as one, unified destination.

The goal is to create long-term visits and increased revenue in the rural areas, adjacent to the Gudenaa. This will be achieved through an appropriate business development of the different locations’ special nature and tourism potentials.

The association is the promoter of the project, "Gudenaa - a stream of experiences".



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