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5. Marts 2013
Related develops branding concept for VisitGudenaa
Related has developed a new branding concept and a new visual identity for VisitGudenaa. The goal is to make the Gudenaa and the area surrounding it an even more attractive destination for tourists.

The Gudenaa is the longest river in Denmark. But it is much more than that. It is a mecca of top attractions, vibrant cities, major cultural events, and lots of active holiday deals. Therefore, the Gudenaa has great potentials as a tourist destination. The area is already popular, but it is possible to attract even more tourists. However, it requires a strong, unified brand and a new brand story.

Seven municipalities - one brand
The Gudenaa runs through seven municipalities. In order to become more attractive as a tourist destination, they have all teamed up with the organisation, VisitGudenaa to create a single, unified brand – with a little help from us.

- Related has helped us to identify our DNA - who we are as a destination. Among other things, this work has been carried out through interviews with the tourist organisations in the seven municipalities and through meetings involving the relevant stakeholders. In addition, Related helped us find out which audiences our destination can and has to attract – and the values that are characteristic for the area. It will help us to make the way we market ourselves even sharper and to attract tourists, says Gunhild Øeby Nielsen, Project Manager at VisitGudenaa.

Visuel identity and brand film
When the branding concept and the brand story were ready, Related developed a new visual identity in collaboration with the advertising agency, Opening, aiming to visualize the payoff, “Yours to Explore”.

The identity now needs to be exposed through different media and different marketing activities.

Until now, the branding process has among other things resulted in a short brand film that tells the story of the Gudenaa brand and communicates the new common identity.
Tourism shall create economic growth
Gunhild Øeby Nielsen hopes that the region will profit financially of growing tourism:

- We hope that the project will result in an increased turnover of the enterprises and organizations and thus create more jobs. Additionally, we hope that the cooperation across the municipalities will strengthen the business cooperation in the region, says Gunhild Øeby Nielsen.

The next step is the implementation of the strategy as well as more specific marketing and PR activities.

The branding project is part of the overall economic growth project, "A stream of experiences" that has the Gudenaa as its main attraction. The initiatives are carried out with support from Midtjysk Turisme, in cooperation with VisitDenmark's market offices.

Watch the video here.

About VisitGudenaa

The association VisitGudenaa is formed by the tourist organizations in the seven municipalities located along the Gudenaa river. The aim is to develop and promote tourism in the area and to market the area as one, unified destination.

The goal is to create long-term visits and increased revenue in the rural areas, adjacent to the Gudenaa. This will be achieved through an appropriate business development of the different locations’ special nature and tourism potentials.

The association is the promoter of the project, "Gudenaa - a stream of experiences".



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