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23. januar 2012
Search Engine Optimization shall attract tourists to Skanderborg
For a while, VisitSkanderbog has experienced how its web site did not rank high in the Google search words, which they wished to be associated with. For this reason, they contacted Related to get help finding out which word to focus on in order to affect the visibility of their site – and to implement this.

VisitSkanderbog brands itself via two sites; one site is targeting the tourists while yet another has the aim of branding Skanderborg as event destination. People searching Google should find the tourist site when searching for key attractions within the local area, while the event part – being quite new – requires some restructuring to optimize this part of the site for Goggle. 
The whole process started at a working session, at which our PR consultant gathered information about the site, its segments, experiences with Google, resources etc. In the light of this, we conducted an analysis to clarify which words to focus on in the future.
Help in the implementation process
On the basis of the analysis, we gathered with the two employees who are to be in charge of the practical implementation of the wording and the site maintenance. In collaboration we went through the different word categories and chose the specific words, which are to be focused on. Afterwards we evaluated  the site as a whole, looking for new ways to optimize. Last but not least, the two employees were given an introduction to Google optimization principles in order to groom them for maintaining the site in the future.
The event part is realized by a team of local companies and tourist attractions. Thus, a subsequent networking meeting was held to also give them insight into the project. They were introduced to the principles behind the optimization of the site together with some general advices on how to carry out future word optimization on their respective sites.
Afterwards, VisitSkanderborg employees have independently continued working with the optimization, while receiving competent feedback on their texts from Related’s consultants. 

About VisitSkanderborg

The association VisitSkanderborg is driven by the Lakeland's Tourist Organization and covers the area around the municipality of Skanderborg. It strives to ensure the best conditions for the tourist industry within the area. This occurs through strong ties to local business partners, where amongst others service of the guests, marketing and product development are important focus areas.

The Lakeland Tourist Organization was founded in January 2007 as an amalgamation of the two previous tourist organizations Skanderborg Tourist organization and Ry tourist organization.


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