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September 26, 2013
Promoting of bicycle tourism
Related helped VisitVejle with the production of the film "Get wheeling in Vejle" with the purpose of promoting the bicycle tourism in the area. We were present all the way through the process - from concept development to shooting and editing of the film.

The Vejle area, based in the southeastern part of Jutland in Denmark, is very popular among bicycle enthusiasts. The terrain is hilly, the scenery is varied and there is a great variety of attractions in the municipality.

Bicycle tourists from home and abroad have already discovered the great scenery but there is room for even more. Therefore, VisitVejle launched a major campaign to promote bicycle tourism in the area.

In this context we were asked to develop and produce a presentation film for VisitVejle to be used on their own website, info screens and on the social media.

Pushing craftsmen and jeering students
We developed five different ideas for the presentation film - including one celebrating Vejle as bike -friendly terrain with focus on the many friendly inhabitants in the Vejle area. The idea was to let the two main characters in the film experience a lot of unexpected kindness during a bike trip in the Vejle area. In this way we were able to create a story instead of just showing beautiful landscape images that would quickly become boring for the viewer. VisitVejle selected this idea.

The result was a presentation film showing the kindness in Vejle – in a caricatured manner. For example the two main characters received a nice push up on one of the steepest roads in Vejle also known as Kiddesvej by two craftsmen and later cheered by a truck filled with happy Danish students. The film continues with the two cyclists experiencing everything from scenic spots to the runic stones in Jelling.

Low production costs
The production costs were kept at a low level because VisitVejle provided a number of volunteers who wanted to live out their inner talent for acting. In addition, we did not rent equipment or expensive camera people.

In Related we have our own video producer who made great shots in the Vejle area. The many hours shooting were cut down into a short film of 2.03 minutes.

 - It is a great film and we are very satisfied with the process and cooperation with Related, says Wencke Dupont Hansen, tourism consultant in VisitVejle and responsible for the bicycle tourism.

Read more about VisitVejle’s bike campaign here


About VisitVejle

VisitVejle is an association formed by the tourist organizations of Vejle, Jelling and Givskud. Through close cooperation with local business partners, the association strives to develop and promote the destination, while maintaining high levels of service for tourists visiting Vejle and the local area around the city. The aim is to foster ideal conditions for tourism, while ensuring that guests return from their holidays with the best experiences.


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