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15 February 2010
Related in charge of PR for new tourist venture in the Region of Southern Denmark
Related is in charge of PR on the new tourist and wellness concept ”WellCome” that aims to make South Denmark one of Northern Europe’s most preferred wellness destinations.

The first big project related to the start-up of WellCome was to formulate the identity of the project and to define and phrase the wellness concepts that make up the WellCome brand. This was done together with our sister company, the advertising agency Aakjærs.
PR strategy and competent sparring
The primary responsibility for Related has been to contribute sparring and input in the initial phase of the project and to compile a comprehensive communications and PR strategy for the project. PR is an important communications channel for WellCome, so the preparation of the PR strategy was crucial for the project. The strategy has ensured that there is a common theme to the identity and communication of the project.

Related has also contributed to the work with other communications channels and sketched the specification requirements for the new WellCome website.


About VisitVejle

VisitVejle is an association formed by the tourist organizations of Vejle, Jelling and Givskud. Through close cooperation with local business partners, the association strives to develop and promote the destination, while maintaining high levels of service for tourists visiting Vejle and the local area around the city. The aim is to foster ideal conditions for tourism, while ensuring that guests return from their holidays with the best experiences.


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