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22 April 2010
Taste, smell and feel the WellCome brand

For one day Medieministeriet replaced the office in Vejle with a stay in a 5 star hotel.  In the middle of April 2010 a new and exciting initiative within the tourist industry was launched in beautiful surroundings at Comwell Kellers Park near Vejle. Medieministeriet was there to tell the world, through the media, what new and pleasant experiences await tourists in the Southern part of Jutland.

WellCome is a project that has created new types of stays and products in spa and wellness, food, skin care, outdoor life, health, disease prevention and recreation. The concepts under the WellCome brand are developed by more than 70 companies from South Denmark, and at the launch they presented their new initiatives to the guests to taste, smell, and feel.

More tourists through PR
The strategy for the PR activities was to generate positive press coverage on the project along with the new products and initiatives in order to create awareness on the WellCome brand and push the sale of products in the region. The long-term goal of the strategy is to attract more tourists to South Denmark. 

Medieministeriet compiled a PR strategy for the launch of the WellCome brand and was present all day at the event, to serve the invited group of journalists with good press material and pictures. 

Positive response
The more than 70 involved companies had been working on the project for almost a year and a half before the launch – so there was a lot of excitement in the room when the day of the launch finally arrived.  With speeches from journalist Line Baun Danielsen, the head of tourism in Vejle, Morten Damgaard, and the head of the regional council of South Denmark, the project got off to a good and inspiring start. 

The PR work ensured that the media got the information they needed, which resulted in both TV coverage and offline and online clippings in both local, specialist and lifestyle magazines.  Personal calls to a long list of media both before and after the launch got the news on WellCome spread widely and planted the seeds for more press coverage from an interested press corps.


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