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October 1, 2014

At Copenhagen Cooking Festival with the Singapore Tourism Board

The last week in August the streets were full of life in Copenhagen as Copenhagen Cooking festival took place and gave food-loving Danes the opportunity to explore the culinary world of food. Singapore Tourism Board held a series of events during the festival, so Henrik and Mia took the tough job of tasting their way through Singapore's multi-ethnic kitchen along with a variety of gastro-journalists and food bloggers. ...
April 10, 2014

Global PR Summit in Singapore

In February Related participated in a global PR conference in Singapore, where PR agencies from around the world had gathered to engage in networking, talking strategies and sharing experiences – all in a closely packed program which also featured many experiences outside the conference room....
February 28, 2014

Bloggers on inspirational trip to Singapore

To many people Singapore equals business trips or simply a “stopover” for another destination. But Singapore is much more than that – it is a melting pot of cultural diversity, Asian courtesy and amazing experiences for any taste. With an invitation from The Singapore Tourism Board, nine Nordic bloggers went to explore and report what Singapore truly has to offer. ...
January 13, 2014

A gastronomic kick-off: Singapore Street Food Festival

Food is life in Singapore, and the average Singaporean eats up to 8 meals a day. So food need to be in focus when branding the country towards the Scandinavian tourists – and what better offspring for entering the Danish market than showing of the diverse and irresistible Singapore kitchen directly to the Danes in Copenhagen during the city’s annual food festival Copenhagen Cooking....
3. April 2013

Singapore Tourism Board welcomes Related as its Scandinavian Public Relations agency

Related has been appointed by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to introduce Singapore as a must-visit destination to the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish travellers. Related will work in close cooperation with the STB office in London to execute the new strategy and adjust key messages and campaigns to fit the individual, Scandinavian markets. ...

About the Singapore Tourism Board

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is a leading economic development agency in tourism, one of Singapore’s key service sectors. 

Known for partnership, innovation and excellence, STB champions tourism, making it a key economic driver for Singapore. 

STB aims to differentiate and market Singapore as a must-visit destination offering a concentration of user-centric and enriching experiences through the “YourSingapore” brand.



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