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February 7, 2017

Our new PR assistant has landed

If we at Related had our own landing strip, our new intern would probably have used it. Arrived directly from Singapore, Pia found her way back to Denmark and Aarhus just a week before her internship started ...
November 24, 2016

American travel destination focuses on PR in Scandinavia

We are busy at Related at the moment – but we still have time to be delighted that The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel have been added to our client portfolio...
March 8, 2016

Related assisting Norwegian TV2 film crew

The last two weeks, Related has assisted a film crew from Norwegian TV2 on behalf of VisitBritain. The film crew is travelling around Great Britain at the moment, filming no less than 20 small films that are to be sent on Norwegian TV2 around this season’s Premier League matches...
January 28, 2016

Visit Portugal appoints Related as PR agency in the Nordics

Related recently added a new client on the tourism portfolio: Visit Portugal has appointed Related to handle all PR in Scandinavia and Finland – including press releases, newsletters and press trips and social media activities. The main goal is to make more people aware of the wide range of holiday experiences that Portugal’s seven regions has to offer –with special focus on niche media and bloggers...
January 25, 2016

Exploring creative neighborhoods in Miami

Related recently escorted a Pan-European press trip for Greater Miami and The Beaches focusing on Creative Neighborhoods. The itinerary showcased the ever evolving arts & culture scene and the unique neighborhoods and unexpected locales that permeate the landscape...
November 30, 2015

Successful blogger trip to newly opened Cassia Phuket in Thailand

Related recently invited five of Sweden’s most influential bloggers to experience the new luxurious hotel residence Cassia Phuket in Thailand. The blogger trip was a huge success and it has already created a lot of ‘buzz’ around Cassia Phuket on social media. ...
November 27, 2015

New Facebook page dedicated to Nordic outbound travel news

In November 2015, Related launched the Facebook page ”Related - Nordic Travel News”. Here we will be posting the newest trends and tendencies, news from the travel industry and exciting travel related projects. ...


In the tourism industry it’s important to have your finger on the pulse because new initiatives, offers and destinations keep popping up. Communication has to be creative if one is to reach the tourists – not least of all because the industry as a whole is still struggling to regain its footing after the recession.

For many years, Related has focused particularly on the tourism industry, which means we today possess specialist knowledge within the area. We know the travel market and the tourists - and we know the appropriate channels. Our knowledge applies whenever new channels of communication need development, maintenance and development of national brands, positioning of destinations, tourism campaigns through on-/offline channels, B2B marketing to agents and airlines etc.

Our knowledge of the industry is great, and it is constantly evolving, because every day we work with a number of the travel industry’s national and international actors to ensure the effectiveness of their marketing- and communication effort.





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